Executive Search

Executive Search

Leadership recruitment at Board and Management levels is a very critical factor towards an organizations’ vision and growth. An effective search largely depends upon the consultants’ knowledge on the industry and the use of business intelligence tools to map the expectations of the client. Spencer ‘n’ Hills follows a fool proof search methodology while we partner with our clients to secure the best talent at senior executive levels from the industry.

Search Process

At Spencer ‘n’ Hills, a search assignment is valued as a consulting engagement. Our delivery successfully compliments the long term goals of the organization vis-à-vis the candidates’ expectations. Our executive search consultants come with broad industry knowledge and follow a defined pattern to optimize the clients’ leadership capital. The process hence involves:

  • Client Meeting to develop an understanding of the organization, its needs and the scope of the role to work on.
  • Broad level industry research to map competition and other relevant companies using market intelligence. Research and collect in-depth details on the position, shortlist the industries to be headhunted with the use of business and market intelligence.
  • A series of well defined progress reports based on industry specific talent map is shared with the client as the search advances.
  • Systematic screening and assessment based on detailed discussion with the candidates to draw a matrix of his technical skills vis-à-vis other well defined attributes like communication, attitude, team management, personality and more
  • Client review followed by the interview process.
  • Offer and closure stage.
  • Spencer ‘n’ Hills assists its clients with reference checks and compensation negotiations to facilitate a seamless communication between the client and the candidate.

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